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Why Ecoventure?

Since its inception in 2002, Ecoventure has offered environmental consulting services to a wide variety of clients in industries including oil and gas, urban development, agriculture, and forestry. Ecoventure’s business model focuses on maximizing client cost savings at all stages of a project. With extensive experience conducting environmental assessments throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, Ecoventure has developed a large client base, including small to midsized oil and gas companies, urban developers, farmers, and landowners.

Our strategy over the last decade has been to track progress, timelines and costs to closure by updating status and cost summaries throughout the lifespan of a project. Through this process we have developed a web-based software system that allows information management of a variety of parameters. We have used statistics to evaluate assessment and remediation methodologies and results and utilize these results to predict future reclamation progress. Examples of some of the criteria evaluated are include likelihood of passing/failing Phase I & II ESAs, Tier 2 Risk Assessment versus remediation, timelines for surface reclamation, and average costs for each stage of the process. These statistics can be filtered for different factors such as client, field/area, age of well, production history, etc. Based on these factors, new sites can be categorized, the risk of passing/failing assessments can be evaluated, and their lifespan and total cost can be estimated. By tracking well sites and associated facilities through abandonment/decommissioning, assessment/remediation, surface reclamation, and reclamation certification, Ecoventure ensures that individual projects are effectively tracked while allowing efficient management of the overall reclamation program.

Ecoventure has extensive experience with acquisition assessments and the regulations surrounding the Licensee Liability Rating (LLR). Having consulted clients on corporate amalgamations and acquisitions of well sites and facilities, Ecoventure has reviewed an array of environmental approaches from a variety of consultants, developing new reclamation programs with the assurance that environmental due diligence is always maintained. With our work in statistical analysis of assessment and remediation metrics, technical knowledge shared by our diverse and professional team, Ecoventure has had great success expediting reclamation programs and has consistently demonstrated the ability to meet project targets under complex conditions while providing the utmost quality in service, satisfying clients, regulators, and external stakeholders.