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Ecoventure has a strong commitment to be an industry leader in its Health and Safety program. Employing a full time Health and Safety manager supported by, and reporting to, the President and CEO, Ecoventure ensures that all employees, contractors, and subcontractors put safety and the environment as a priority in all projects. With a Certificate of Recognition and accreditation through Energy Safety Canada, ISNetworld, and Complyworks, Ecoventure ensures that its Health and Safety program is among the industry leaders and is constantly updated and improved upon. A copy of Ecoventure’s full Health and Safety program, as well as all relevant codes of practice and company standards, are available upon request. All projects managed by Ecoventure will have relevant safety documentation (i.e. pre-job safety meetings, safe work permits, ground disturbance checklists, near miss reports, etc.) available for viewing through our website on a project-specific basis.